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We have the best instructors in the area. Hands down. No two ways about it.

We have helped to produce top competitors in MMA, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Jujitsu, and wrestling in organizations including but not limited to the UFC, M1 Global, ACB, Strike Force, Bellator, XFC, One FC, Dream, K-1 and more. Wildside is also the only school in the area to have fighters and martial artists competing at the highest levels around the world including The United States, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, Canada, Brazil, Singapore and more.

Michael Merriman

*Focus: MMA, Striking, & No-GI

Gym owner and one of the top trainers and cornermen in the country. Over his 15 plus years as a coach he has trained and cornered athletes in the UFC, M1 Global, Bellator, Strikeforce to name just a few. Mike also was a coach for the USA Team at the WAKO Kickboxing World Championships in Bosnia. He has plied his trade in the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Canada, Bosnia and more. Athletes under his tutelage have become national and world champions.

Christian Neilson

*Focus: Gi Jujitsu. * Head Instructor

Christian is a Black belt under Ray Casias, a national placer in Greco Roman wrestling who spent time at the US Olympic center and solid striker Christian is a go-to for students as he is very capable in every combat sports areas. He has corned in the UFC as well as other sporting events and has experience in and out of the gym.

Patrick Müller

*Focus: Kickboxing, Thai Boxing

Patrick Müller brings over 27 years of fighting history in Europe. Patrick has competed all over Europe and parts of Asia. As a coach he has trained and worked with many European, German world champions in many different disciples. With Wildside his focus will be K1 and Thai Boxing .

Anthony Blair

*Focus: No-Gi

Anthony is a brown belt that has also competed in many no-gi tournaments. He has a wrestling background that has helped him to progress quickly in the sport.

James Bell

*Focus: Wrestling.

James is a retired Army Master Sargent who wrestled for Oklahoma State and the Army. With years of knowledge and a tough but fair demeanor. James helped 19 of the 21 high school wrestlers that worked with him in the offseason to place in the state.

Zachary Odom

*Kids Program and Personal Training

Zachary Odom
Zachary has been training in combat sports since 2006 in many forms. From Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu and Thai/ K1 Kickboxing. Zachary was a Professional Mix Martial Artist that brings a wealth of knowledge to the mat. He has coached many fighters for their debuts to world class athletes and will bring that experience to the kids’ program as well.

Jen Morgan

*Focus: Fitness, Personal Training, Weight Training. *Also Coaches: intermediate striking

Bachelor in exercise and sport science, certified strength and conditioning coach, minor in PT/WT. CSCS and USA Weight lifting level 2 Certified. Amateur and Pro Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA experience.

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